Retro Guards…..

                          Hatch Seals..

                                       Hatch Gutters…

                                                    Teardrop flat packs..


                                                                 Or A complete Teardrop camper..

$60 each

48 Inch radius gutter so you can make your own hatch or get a hatch template of us.

Our kits are in two forms….


A lock  up kits,  This kit has the

                                                                    Trailer and floor..

                                                                    Walls fitted and finished off

                                                                    Roof    (internal and external and insulated plus roof vent) 

                                                                    Doors,  (two doors are fitted on our kits vans)

                                                                    Outside lights.. Two porch lights, blinkers, stop, parker.

                                                                    Rear Hatch fitted with gutters and rubbers.

 We can send you a photo of the shell.. It looks like the ones in our range only the galley and extras are missing.

                 Lock up kit is $9000




Do it your self kits,


          This kit has the


                 Trailer and floor..

                 Walls internal are profile cut but not fitted   (note Oak lining is also fitted to internal walls)

                 Walls External   (The Aluminum walls are profiled cut but not fitted.)

                 Roof  external, fiberglass panel made to order not fitted (your choice of colour )

                 Roof internal  fiberglass panel  made  in white or colour to order not fitted. 

                 Door kit supplied  (one)

                 Rear Hatch and fittings supplied  (struts, plastic storm hinge,)

                 Gutters and rubbers supplied.

                 Guards (pick a colour  to match your roof or stand out.)


                 Do it your self kit as listed above..  $6500 plus freight



To contact us:

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Phone:  0450353679

Text Box: HansVans

Rear Hatch (the boot)

See our Guards on the Guard page


 Inside View

HansVans “BIG RED”

HansVans “Bumble Bee”

HansVans Yellow

HansVans “True Blue”

HansVans “small whitey”

HansVans Mud Guards

HansVans Flat packs

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